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Should I get a dustless system.... do they work?

A lot of people had said that crushing rock is a dusty job and that valuable gold was escaping into the air! This is true!

If you are planning on purchasing one of these rock crushers and will be inside or outside a building, we recommend the dustless system. This system will contain all your material into a 5-gallon bucket. It is amazing! You will notice a difference right away. The Dustless System connects very easily to both sizes of rock crusher and works great with the electric rock crusher or gas.

We do not recommend use of a gas crusher inside a building due to the exhaust fumes from the gas motor! A gas rock crusher can be used outside in conjunction with the dustless system in fresh air. The dustless system will connect to either size rock crusher.

So, if you have purchased either an electric or gas rock crusher with the dustless system and are using it, please let us know how it works for you

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