New! Automatic Discount applied to any 11" or 14" K&M Rock Crusher or any purchase over 750.00
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12/28/22 Phone Outage

Phone Outage for Make Your Own Gold Bars

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Gold Melting, Smelting, crucible, furnaces For Sale IN STOCK

I have in my hands and ready to ship are the furnaces below. They are brand new, customer bought both units but came under a hardship and could not complete his project for installing the units. He did add castors to the TL16 for convenience. They can be sold separate or together. They are ready to ship or be picked up in Jefferson Oregon. Please contact me for complete details of these brand-new furnaces. Julie 541-942-9994 or email   1-Vcella Kiln Electric Tilting TL16 with crucible size 16 digital read out Brand new purchased and received 2/22 Cost $3,850.00...

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Vcella Kiln Redesigned

 Hi all you smelters, melters and enthusiast who want to know about a great product to smelt or melt your material in read on. Our front load electric kilns and tilting kilns do a great job, they all heat to 2300 degrees and are powered by 110V, 220V,480V. The sizes range from a small 6" Wide - 5" Deep - 6.5" High front-loading kiln to a tilting kiln that can melt 24 gallons of whatever! Lol! There is a lot of range.  The manufacturer Vcella kilns redesigned there kilns recently and have added a single set point automatic temperature control...

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Price Increases coming dont wait

To our customer base and beyond, we are here to give you some information on future purchasing and possible increases in the cost of our products across the board. We at and strive to keep costs down and to offer reasonable priced items for all. It has come to our attention as inflation takes its hold that we may have to increase our costs on our products and shipping.   The main reason for this is because it is costing more money for steel to build our crushers and delivery(fuel) of products and shipping products. It may be...

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Rock Crusher Clean out information

Hey folks, here is a little blog about the K&M Rock Krusher; Some people have been asking about the build up of material inside the rock crusher machine. There could be a few reasons for this. If the material is damp it will start to build up on the inside and you will have to open the front cover and sweep out the inside periodically. If it is not damp, could be the material is pasty having a lot of clay in it. This is normal and it can happen. If the problem is persistent you can purchase a complete...

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