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Gold Melting, Smelting, crucible, furnaces For Sale IN STOCK

I have in my hands and ready to ship are the furnaces below. They are brand new, customer bought both units but came under a hardship and could not complete his project for installing the units. He did add castors to the TL16 for convenience. They can be sold separate or together. They are ready to ship or be picked up in Jefferson Oregon.

Please contact me for complete details of these brand-new furnaces.

Julie 541-942-9994 or email


1-Vcella Kiln Electric Tilting TL16 with crucible size 16 digital read out

Brand new purchased and received 2/22

  • Cost $3,850.00
  • Automatic temperature controls with digital readout- Furnace maintains temperature set by operator.
    * Rugged yet light weight construction for long life
    * Vented lid which latches in up position
    * Heavy wall clay graphite crucible with spout
    * Insulating brick lining for maximum heat retention
    * 240 Volt 28 amps
    * Weight of the Unit empty is 300 Lbs
    * Will melt 112 Lbs of Gold, 16 Lbs of Aluminum or 75 Lbs of Silver


Made in the USA

1-Ultraflex 5 kilo induction furnace for melting gold, complete with manual

  1. Brand New never used, purchased/ received 2/22
  2. Cost $10,950.00
  3. Specs on this machine are as follows;
  4. Absorbed Power Max - 11Kw
  5. Output Frequency - 20-90kHz
  6. AC Line Current Amps (Max) - 30Amps
  7. AC Line Volts (V rms) - 230v 1 Phase
  8. Line Frequency - 50/60 hz
  9. Weight - 165 lbs / 75kg
  10. Size - 18" x 18" x 36" / 45x45x90cm
  11. Max Crucible Capacity - 5 Kilo 24K Gold
  12. Melting Temperature Max – 2300 degrees
  13. Unit comes with 1 crucible and 1 set of tongs to lift and pour your melted metals.
  14. Manufacturer- Bulgarian Made machine

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