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How to crush your rocks to get your gold out quickley, efficiantly and with ease!

For all you gold minded folks out there, this blog is for you! It’s always said that the smaller your material the better to get the gold out! If your really into prospecting and getting all the gold out of your rocks read on... You can see the gold but, using a sledge hammer or a mortar and pestle is hard work, and time consuming! So what’s the easiest way to get all the gold out? If your rock is 2-3 inches in size it will crush it with ease in this machine with 1 pass! And it will turn...

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New upgrades to K&M Krushers

We now have a couple of upgrades, 1. All Krushers are now powder coated 2. The 11" Krushers now have the same size discharge exit as the 14" crushers 3" 3. New products in development is Portable Legs for the Krushers, new and old Krushers will work with these new legs.

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