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15 Kilo Induction Furnace - Seit Ulraflex Static Melter - 1600 C / 2912 F
Make Your Own Gold

15 Kilo Induction Furnace - Seit Ulraflex Static Melter - 1600 C / 2912 F

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This Induction machine is for melting of all metals, including precious and non-precious metals and alloys These machines provide fast and reliable induction melting. This machine is designed in accordance with the CE safety regulations and are equipped with the necessary devices to ensure safe operation Features: Temperature probe under the crucible.

Specs on this machine are as follows;

Absorbed Power Max - 16Kw

Output Frequency - 20-90kHz

AC Line Current Amps (Max) - 50Amps

AC Line Volts (V rms) - 230v or 380/480v, 3 Phase

Line Frequency - 50/60 hz

Weight - 265 lbs / 120kg

Size - 24" x 24" x 36" / 60x60x90cm

Max Crucible Capacity - 15 Kilo 24K Gold

Melting Temperature Max - 1600° C / 2912° F

Unit comes with 1 crucible and 1 set of tongs to lift and pour your melted metals.

This is an Bulgarian Made machine

Sometimes these are in stock, please contact us to find out if they are before making the purchase is you need it right away. Most of the time they take 6 weeks to get shipped over here from Italy.

Due to the size and weight of this item its normally shipped out freight collect or you may make arrangements to pick up or have your own freight line pick up.