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5 oz Gold Melting Alloy - White -10K-12K-14K-16K-18K-20K-22K  Jewelery Ring (H15
5 oz Gold Melting Alloy - White -10K-12K-14K-16K-18K-20K-22K  Jewelery Ring (H15
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5 oz Gold Melting Alloy - White -10K-12K-14K-16K-18K-20K-22K Jewelery Ring (H15

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This auction is for 5 ounces of Alloy. White Casting alloy Special for casting in 14 kt and 18K white and soft, for every kind of casting machine.
You know that you need fine gold to mix with the alloy. So if you were mixing 1 oz of 14 k, you would need .584 oz of fine gold and .416 oz of alloy. For 18k you would need .75 fine gold and .25 alloy.

Melting point for this alloy is 920 degrees C or 1688F. Remember, this is the melting point, not the casting or pouring temp. You will need to increase about 120 degrees C or 248 F for pouring or casting.

Karat in the Measure of the Purity of Gold is as follows;

24K 100% Pure Gold
18K 75% Gold 25% Alloy
14K 59% Gold 41% Alloy
12K 50% Gold 50% Alloy
10K 42% Gold 58% Alloy

Note; This ad is for GOLD ALLOY, it contains NO GOLD. Silver/Nickel/Copper yes but NO GOLD. I know it may seem silly but we have had customers in the past thinking they were buying 24K Gold.