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How to crush your rocks to get your gold out quickley, efficiantly and with ease!

For all you gold minded folks out there, this blog is for you! It’s always said that the smaller your material the better to get the gold out! If your really into prospecting and getting all the gold out of your rocks read on... You can see the gold but, using a sledge hammer or a mortar and pestle is hard work, and time consuming!

So what’s the easiest way to get all the gold out? If your rock is 2-3 inches in size it will crush it with ease in this machine with 1 pass! And it will turn your rock into talcum powder, or for you techy guys and gals 100-200 mesh! Another great feature about this rock crusher, its portable but its heavy so you may need help from a buddy, units range between 100-150lbs depending on model size, gas unit or electric unit. You can even use it in your garage and make it dustless…..yes dustless…and Made In The USA!

11” gas rock crusher

 11” electric rock crusher

 14” gas rock crusher

 14” electric rock crusher


Get more gold from your crushed rock, how a dustless system can help!

 This dustless system works great with a KandmKrusher and a shop vac to capture all your crushed material into a 5 gallon bucket. There is no gold loss and no dusty mess to sweep up. By using this dustless system you can do it in your garage, where you can stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer when crushing your rock.

It’s important to make sure your rock crusher has an electric motor when you are doing it in your garage, you don’t want to inhale gas fumes. This system will work great with a gas motor rock crusher too, but its recommend you use the gas system outside to vent the fumes of the motor.  You need to remember your rock bearing gold can have elements in it that can harm you if inhaled so make sure your material doesn’t have mercury or sulfur in it.

The dustless system connects directly to your rock crusher and to your shop vac that you have handy. This is how it works, while crushing the rock, the shop vac is turned on, the crushed material being 100-200 mesh, like talcum powder gets pulled from the crusher by the dustless system and your shop vac,  the crushed material gets sucked into the 5 gallon bucket. That means even the flower gold the very fine gold that can float away by air or by stream will be captured inside the bucket. What’s left to do? Pan your material and find the gold! Better yet use a recirculating sluice or gold cube.

Video dustless system

**Please note in the video the company phone number has been changed to 541-941-9994**

 11” electric rock crusher

11” complete dustless system

 14” electric rock crusher

Link to 14” complete dustless system




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